Escola Primaria de Makandzene Project

School supplies

The Project

How did we start the project?

Travel opens our eyes to new sights, and opens our hearts to new people. When we going to travel to Mozambique we decided to make the trip with a purpose. We held a kick off party and asked the guest to bring nothing but school supplies. The turned out was extraordinary, we were never expected the amount of supplies we got. .

Why Mozambique?

That was pretty much random, we were going to travel in a few countries around southern Africa, Mozambique was where we first going to land. Here are some facts about Mozambique: -It is a country in East Africa, along the coast of the Indian Ocean, bordered by Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia to the northeast and Zimbabwe to the west and Swaziland and South Africa to the southwest. The official language is Portuguese although of the 29 million residents also speak native languages as well. Over 80% of the people make their living through farming growing corn, peanuts, rice, cashew nuts, cotton, sugarcane and tea.

How did we pick that school?

After contacting several agencies and with the help of the Embassy of Mozambique in Washington DC a school in a Village called Makandzene, district Limpopo, Gaza Province was selected to get our generous donation..

School children