Escola Primaria de Makandzene Project

Visits So Far

First Visit

The first visit was like nothing we ever experienced before. We arrived strangers and left as friends, overwhelming to say the least, full of joy for every one, 280 pounds of our luggage was entirely school supplies. Pencils, notebooks, backpacks, you name it. Everything got distributed among the Mackandzene students and their teachers.


Second Visit

Our second visit, we as well as the people in the village were looking forward to see each other again. Once again, we took 280 pounds worth of school supplies and a wheelchair, for someone at the village. With a wheelchair a person's life became a little easier. We had never seen a happier person in our lives. Once again, we had a distribution event, kids and parents, village officials, and ourselves. We all gathered under the tree and had a school supplies distribution event. Seeing all those happy smiling faces is priceless.

Suitcases of school supplies